We created a culturally relevant, controversial magazine highlighting issues in today’s culture. Each team member wrote an a long form article, and designed a completely unique experience to that article. Designed at The Charles.

• Logo and identity design system.
• 3 Article Designs: Paris v NY, The Year Of The #BlackGirl, Minimal Thinking
• Writing of 1 article (Minimal Thinking)

The website used ScrollMagic, to bring the content alive. CSS animations were used throughout the site on the dividers to break up the content.


Paris v
Year Of The Black Girl:

Identity Design:

Minimal Thinking:


minimalism_0 minimalism_1 minimalism_2 minimalism_3 minimalism_4 minimalism_5 minimalism_6 minimalism_7 minimalism_8

Paris v NY:


sarah_0 sarah_1 sarah_2 sarah_3 sarah_4 sarah_5 sarah_6a sarah_6b sarah_6c


Year of the #BlackGirl:


charlie_yearoftheblackgirl0charlie_yearoftheblackgirl1charlie_yearoftheblackgirl2charlie_yearoftheblackgirl3charlie_yearoftheblackgirl4 charlie_yearoftheblackgirl5